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In the past I have worked at several companies in different roles. The current position is very challenging especially because the difference between vision and current operations lack connection. With the needed connection the teams can achieve a lot of progress and that’s what I really want most. I was prepared for a lower level of producing and didn’t expect the attitude in the growing and so called developing organisation.

My contract ends at the end of 2023 and I am planning to change the first of November. My goal to become a good safety specialist leads me to a role as HSE-officer or -advisor with different safety issues. It is proven this will work out the best for me. It is very important to have contact with people to listen and inspire. This is the most important factor choosing the direction to employ.

The HVK, this means High Safety Professional. In the other attachment my diploma is included. In the conversation the certification was mentioned and that involves some more interaction with other HVK or other certified specialists. I do have contact with other HVK and specialists, work in different environments, but I am not a certified specialist. The certified HVK has an own scoop of certification also. I hope this explanation will help.

I am willing to travel, I love to travel and am considering to work in Asia for some period.

The continuous thinking of solutions and development of programming and using new technologies is very important for me as a person and during the interview I experience the similarity. The 3 most important tasks involve a lot of diversity and the needed human contact with own employees and the onroad60 companies with their employees.

Optimising the administration creates relief and comfort so I can focus on what is real important. This means I reply always on short notice. For me this works the best.

The requirements in languages don’t include the German language, I am in Biscuit International the only one speaking German with my German colleague.